Who S8 Set photos reveal the Doctor will Return to a Familiar setting

Peter Capaldi is nearly done filming his very first year as the Doctor. To finish off, he's returning to a scene where his previous two incarnations visited not so very long ago -- the National Museum of Cardiff. Doctor Who has filmed in that space a few times, including "Planet of the Dead" and "The Big Bang," but it was used recently visited in the 50th Anniversary episode, "Day of the Doctor."

The reason that's so notable, is because a prop was seen on set that seems decidedly Gallifreyan!

Yes, what seems to be a grave marker that reads, "Rest in Peace. We Promise." Well, if you promise, inanimate object, then it must be true. But probably not.

Of course, the Gallifreyan symbol is what makes the prop so interesting. Who is that memorial stone for? The Master? All of Gallifrey? Or, indeed, the Doctor, himself?

And, considering the fact that the last time we were at the Cardiff Museum, there was a very special guest appearance from a classic Doctor, we can't help but wonder -- is Tom Baker set to make a return?

Time speculate away!!

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