Hail HYDRA! Turns out Stephen Colbert is a secret Marvel sleeper agent?

Hail HYDRA!!!!

From Lord of the Rings to the Marvel movies, Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert has never made a secret about all his geeky fandoms. But, apparently he’s been playing us all this time.

Keen-eyed fans spotted an odd addition to the show’s intro on the April 21, 2014 episode, where the phrase “HAIL HYDRA” popped up where there were typically a series of heroic and patriotic phrases. 

As anyone who has seen Captain America: Winter Soldier, or the past few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can attest, there are apparently evil sleeper agents out there everywhere. It seems Cap and Coulson still have a lot of work left to do out there — and they may need to start on Comedy Central’s late night block. At least take him out before he moves into Letterman's old digs.

Of course, Colbert also has a very big connection to the Marvel-verse, and especially Captain America himself. In addition to running for president of the Marvel universe, Cap’s real-life shield was actually given to Colbert by Marvel’s Joe Quesada back in 2007. So, now we see it was all a ruse to bring the weapon into HYDRA’s armory?!

Hmm Well Played... Well Played...

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