What I Want to See in Star Wars Rebels Season 2

Image via: lockerdome.com

Image via: lockerdome.com

Let's get this out of the way first.  There's no way I can talk about season 2, without spoiling the finale of season 1.  So if you haven't seen it yet and are planning on watching it, stop reading now, come back later and read it, please, because I want to hear your opinion, too. Okay? Now let's get started.

If you are involved in the Star Wars community at all, you know that the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels is out and we are losing it.  The final moments of the episode brought us the identity of Fulcrom, Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars.  It also brought us a new cameo and hints of the future with an appearance from Darth Vader, the Jedi turned Sith who taught Ahsoka.  This, of course, brought up all kinds of fan speculation about seeing the two meet and eventually face-off.  However, here are the things that I personally want to see moving forward with the show.

No More Clowning Around

I understand that the Ghost crew are supposed to be a family and that brothers are known to bicker and  fight.  I'm actually the middle child of five brothers and one sister, so I get it.  However, I feel like the Three Stooges routine with Ezra, Zeb and Chopper has got to end.  It was okay for the first few episodes, but when you had Sabine and Hera almost get killed because of their antics, it's time to grow up.  We've saw Ezra grow so much as a character in Path of the Jedi and then when Lando comes around in the next episode, Ezra gets jealous when the smuggler compliment's Sabine's (his crush) art. I don't know if they're hinting that Ezra will be going to the dark side, but I personally found this very petty and I hope that Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper can all grow and have disagreements without turning the show into a slapstick.  I'm not saying that I want Star Wars to be super serious all the time.  Actually the humor is very strong in the show.  I just don't see the Three Stooges routine working with where our characters are at the moment.

Let's Go Planet-hopping

Lothal was a beautiful McQuarrie-based planet that we got to see all throughout season one.  We saw the city, the wildlife, the mysterious caves, and...I'm good.  It's time to get to see some of the other planets that are there. The Clone Wars saw a lot of the Galaxy Far Far Away so let's go to some of those planets.  We know that the Ghost crew has now taken their first step into a larger world, so let's see that.  My personal preference? Alderaan.  We've seen it in glimpses, but if we actually got to see more of it and got to know the culture and the people that are living on the planet, how heart-breaking would it make the planet's eventual fate in A New Hope? I wouldn't mind going to Lothal every so often, but this IS Star Wars and not Lothal Wars.

The Artist

When we first saw promotional material for the show, I was especially interested in Sabine.  First of all, I'm a sucker for Mandalorians and second, she's an artist, which I found particularly intriguing since we've never seen that kind of character in Star Wars before.  However, we didn't really explore her character all that much.  That's fine and all, since this is Ezra's journey, but since we assume she will eventually design the Rebel insignia, let's see more of her.  What inspires her to create?  I assume she makes more than just graffiti, let's see some of her more serious work.  Also, we saw Embo and Cad Bane on her wall.  How are they connected?  Was she trained by them?  Will she eventually become a bounty hunter?  Whatever the answers are, I hope we get at least some of them in season two.

A New Inquisitor(s)

Now we all saw the Inquisitor die, but we never really knew much about him.  Are there other Inquisitors?  He did insinuate that the worst was yet to come and many people assume that means Vader will now persue our Rebels, but showrunner Dave Filoni has mentioned that Vader (and Ahsoka) will not pop up in every episode.  Sarah Michelle Gellar has been cast in an (as of today) unnamed role.  Perhaps she will be a new female threat to the team.  Many have speculated Mara Jade, but I'd prefer a new character which brings me to my next point.

More New Faces

In the first season it was really great to see so many cameos.  Some felt unnecessary (Lando, though I'm sure it will pay off) and some felt completely natural (Tarkin).  However, they run the risk of making the Galaxy Far Far Away feel small and in turn making the story feel small.  I like the new characters that they brought in that were not our main cast: Zare Leonis, Gall Trayvis, Vizago, etc.  I want to see the galaxy expand in the show.  Then when they bring in familiar faces, it will feel more special and not take away any focus from the main heroes, the Rebels.

Whatever happens in Season 2, I'm sure that Filoni and crew have something really special planned and I honestly can't wait for it to begin.  But this is all just my opinion, what do you want to see in Star Wars Rebels Season 2? Leave a comment below and let's talk about it.