Watch Unworthy Mortals Try To Lift The Mjolnir In New Thor's Hammer Prank

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Do you have what it takes to lift Thor’s hammer? It seems that in order to be deemed “Worthy” in the land of Midgard, humans only need to be stronger than high-grade Gorilla Glue.

One group has taken that excitement of Avengers Age Of Ultron to the next level to see if anyone is “worthy” to take the place of Thor.

Trollstation covered Thor’s enchanted hammer Mjlionir with Gorilla Glue and stuck it on to the center of a public square. 

Check it out below and watch the unsuspecting mortals try there hand at lifting Thor’s hammer.

It seems like no one is “worthy”of taking the place of The God Of Thunder.

Thor wields the hammer once more in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which opens in theaters May 1.

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