Warwick Davis aka Wicket Confirmed for role in Star Wars VII

Ewoks in galaxies far, far away are joyously singing the "Yub Nub" celebration song today with news of Warwick Davis' return to the Star Wars universe in J.J. Abrams upcoming mega-sequel.

Davis played the loveable, candy-bar munching, spear-poking Wicket in Return of the Jedi and is a fan favorite wherever he appears.  Just returning from Star Wars Celebration Europe II in Germany, the actor delivered this amusing video announcing he is confirmed for a role in Star Wars VII.

No mention of exactly what he'll be playing but this is an exciting casting proclamation that will echo into the bright corners of the cosmos.  To have a revered Star Wars legacy actor included in the new film makes us ache that much more waiting for December 2015.  

Source: http://www.blastr.com/