Warner Bros. Told Ben Affleck It Would Cost Him $100K To Take A Batman Suit Home

Talking to the hosts of Live with Kelly and Michael, Ben Affleck talked about how he wanted to take home his Batsuit.

Apparently, Warner Bros. told him it would cost $100k.

He decided to take a picture instead.

“These aren’t roles that you can do and not exercise for. Audiences have now an increasing expectation. Like, in the ‘50s, you could just be Burt Lancaster and, like, tall, and that was okay. And now you see guys like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all these guys whose bodies are just, you think, how is that even possible? So exercising is as much a part of the job as anything, in some ways. They want you to look like that’s actually you when you take the suit off.
“I asked them what about taking the suit home at the end of the thing? And they said, for $100k. And I said, well maybe I’ll just take a picture…There’s a lot that goes into it, there’s a lot of designers. These movies have become the big deal, so they spend a lot of money on every little detail. And they’re scrutinized and criticized, and the guy who did the suits did a very good job.”
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.