What to Expect Now That Spider-Man Has Joined the MCU

Image via: blastr.com

Image via: blastr.com

If you've noticed the geeks dancing in the streets, you've probably heard that Spider-Man has once again come home to Marvel Studios.  His absence from the Marvel Cinematic Universe films has been jarring to fans, since the Studios have done such a great job with the characters and Spider-Man is practically the poster child for Marvel.

Also, Spider-Man is a prominent member of the Avengers (though not a founding member).  So to have him absent from the team would be just as jarring.  However, now that Sony and Marvel have made a deal, here's what we can expect from our favorite wall crawler.

1) A New Direction

After the critical and financial flop of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony was running low on choices.  They had loaded the film with nods and easter eggs that would lead to planned spin-offs and sequels.  However, the film was the least well performing Spider-Man film to date at the box office and fans were divided, feeling the film was bloated and uneven.  

With the Sony/Marvel agreement, we're getting Spider-Man's debut in a Marvel film (probably Captain America: Civil War, since he had such a huge part in that) as well as his own solo film produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige on July 28, 2017.  Sony will still have creative input and distribution of the film; however, it's unlikely that they will continue with the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Which means that:

2) Sadly, No Andrew Garfield

Now when I say that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a flop, that is in no means a diss to it's reputable star, who gave two charismatic and powerful performances as the titular character.  However, seeing as how Marvel wants to go in a different direction, I would say that it's highly likely that Garfield will not be involved.  I could be wrong, but if I were to bet, I would say that Marvel views the young actor as a necessary casualty of getting a fresh start since they will want to distance themselves from previous films.

3) Spider-Man's Place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Most people are probably wondering how the presence of Spider-Man is going to affect the already-populated-by-superheroes world of Marvel, but what about the other way around?  Where was Peter Parker during the Battle of New York?  When in the timeline did he become Spider-Man?  What does he think about the Avengers?  Perhaps he will already have been inspired by Captain America and Iron Man, which will make him especially torn when he appears in Captain America: Civil War and is forced to choose sides between the two.

4) Sky's The Limit

It's a safe bet to say that Marvel knows we don't want another origin film.  We all know it: bit by a radioactive spider, Uncle Ben dies, he becomes Spider-Man, the end.  But now that we're getting a fresh start, we could see anything with his fresh start.  

If he reveals his identity to the public in Civil War, like in the comics, we could get a film that explores a public Spider-Man, one that we've never seen before.  We could get a new introduction to a properly done Venom story, or perhaps Kraven the Hunter.  Anything is possible and I wouldn't rule out your favorite webhead story as being the basis to the next film.  Perhaps we could even get Miles Morales as Spidey.

Personally, I feel that there's a certain punk-rock feel to Spider-Man that certain cartoons, video games, and comics have nailed that the films have yet to grasp (though the first Amazing Spider-Man was close). But that's just me. What do you want to see now that Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Do you have a favorite Spider-Man story that has yet to receive justice in a film adaptation?