Star War VII Set Pictures Leak Revealing NEW Spoilers


Fresh NEW photos from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII have leaked, revealing what could be SPOILERS: Tatooine's marketplace as well as a giant pig-beast awesome right.

The images were obtained by TMZ and come from the set in Abu Dhabi, where filming recently commenced. From the looks of things, we could be heading back to Tatooine, with these images showing off an familiar marketplace.

While none of the movie's main cast make an appearance unfortunately, there is a pretty massive pig creature. According to sources, the monster was operated by five men inside its belly, which suggests that J.J. Abrams is serious about his commitment to cut down on the amount of CG used in the new trilogy. 

According to reports, producers intend to use less CG in the new movies -- instead, relying heavily on practical effects like the original trilogy ... which is evident in these photos.

May the force be with you......

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