This is Why The Punisher Isn't Part Of The Defenders

By Joseph Schmidt for Comicbook


Marvel fans who managed to make it inside Hall H for their highly anticipated Defenders panel were in for a major treat when they were surprised with the entire first episode of the new Netflix series — and the first footage of The Punisher.

But those who were hoping to see Frank Castle mixing it up with the other Netflix heroes are in for some bad news, according to executive VP of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb.

“We haven’t gotten to that place, I don’t know if there will be a Defenders [season] 2,” Loeb said while speaking with Collider. “I think one of the things that is unique to The Punisher, and particularly to Jon Bernthal’s performance, is that the character can stand alone. Even in the comic books, Frank Castle’s Punisher is a character that sort of does well by himself. I think that when you start mixing [his character with others], it feels a little off. I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen and I’m not saying that it wouldn’t happen, I’m just saying [The Punisher] doesn’t immediately lend itself toward, ‘yea, I can see The Punisher and Luke Cage hanging out!’”

Bernthal’s character first debuted in the second season of Daredevil, leading to confrontations with both the Man Without Fear and his adversary Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin. While it’s not out of the realm of possibility, Loeb makes it clear another team up is not likely anytime soon.

Given how crowded the 8-episode season of Defenders appears to be with characters from four different series, the absence of the Punisher could be a minor blessing.

The Punisher is expected to hit Netflix toward the end of this year — The Defenderswill premiere on Netflix on August 18th, 2017.