The Walking Dead Season 5: Six Things We Know

With Comic Con International: San Diego less than two weeks away and the first Inside The Walking Dead special already in the rear view mirror, fans are starting to get anxious to learn anything they can about the hit AMC drama based on Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's Skybound/Image Comics series.

Most details have been kept under wraps, but what we do know is plenty to whet the appetite. Certain characters' fates will be revealed fairly early on, there are constant rumors of deaths and at least one new series regular will be introduced this year.

Meanwhile, at least one of the major separations -- Daryl and Carol -- will be dealt with quickly enough that we have already seen set photos of the two together.

What do we know so far? Check it a partial list below...

Daryl and Carol reunite was the first to report that set photos taken earlier this month revealed Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Pelletier (Melissa McBride) would be sharing screen time again this season.

The almost-couple haven't seen each other since Rick expelled Carol from the prison early in Season Four, and Carol never caught up with Team Prison or made it to Terminus before Season Four ended (Tyreese did met up with her, and the two are traveling together at least in the beginning of the season).

Many fans are speculating that she'll play a major role in freeing Rick and the other survivors at Terminus. Since persistent rumors have been that zombies will play a role in helping Rick's group escape from the railroad car where they're currently being held at Terminus, an item further down the list may be important in that regard.

Tyreese, Carol and Judith are pinned down by walkers

In the first officially-released footage from Season Five, Tyreese and Carol were hiding from a herd of walkers, hoping to stay out of sight long enough to make a safe escape.

Assuming they really do make their way to the currently-walker-free Terminus, who's to say they wouldn't or couldn't bring this herd with them? All they have to do is survive.

Greg Nicotero will direct the premiere

Set photos suggested, and then Inside The Walking Dead confirmed, that Emmy-winning special effects guru Greg Nicotero will direct the season's first episode.

He'll likely direct a few episodes this year, as it seeems he's been added to AMC's recurring pool of directors for the show. In addition to 7 regular-season episodes between 2012 and 2014, Nicotero has directed The Walking Dead's webisodes as well.

There's a priest

Whether it's Father Gabriel or not we don't officially know, although pretty much everyone assumes that it is. In any event, Seth Gilliam will play someone who is either a priest or at least wears a priest's clothing in Season Five.

We'll find out about Beth's fate soon

Despite early comments from Robert Kirkman that Beth Greene's final fate might not even be revealed in Season Five, later comments by producers have confirmed that we'll find out what happened to her this season -- maybe as early as the season premiere.

Daryl Dixon gets Bound And Gagged

In the photo, Daryl appears to be bound with his hands tied behind his back, and his mouth is gagged. Daryl also has a black right eye and a nasty-looking cut above his left eye. Will Daryl escape or will Norman Reedus' fans be forced to riot?