The Walking Dead Season 5 Key Art Released, Teases The Hunters?

"Hunt or Be Hunted" is the slogan for the new season of AMC's The Walking Dead, according to new key art released today by the network.

Like last year's "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living" key art, it primarily focuses on the setting, and Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes (presumably a safe bet to survive most seasons, which makes for a good DVD cover).

The image appears to show Rick, having escaped the "A" car at Terminus and standing in the wooded area behind the compound where he buried much of the survivors' arsenal at the end of last season.

As evidence of that, he's brandishing the Colt Python revolver that has been his character's trademark for much of the series, but which he buried in a bag during the Season Four finale in case they needed to return to their weapons later.

"Hunt of Be Hunted" may seem like a fairly generic tagline at first glance, but it may be a not-too-subtle tease that the residents of Terminus are, as most have expected, a TV-ified version of The Hunters, a group of antgonists from the comics who stalked , captured and ate their victims.

There has been plenty of evidence that the "Termites" are cannibals, including but not limited to human skeletal remains scattered around the periphery of their bunker and a trailer which recently seemed to depict someone at Terminus cutting someone apart on an operating or autopsy table.

The Walking Dead returns on October 12 on AMC at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by Talking Dead.