The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Will Bring Tears And There Will Be Blood

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The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz is teasing a new beginning in Season Six of the hit drama, following what sounds like a a very harrowing and sad finale to Season Five this spring.

“It’s going to piss you off,” the actor told Yahoo TV. “There will be tears, but also, once again, like the writers have been doing pretty consistently, it tees up a new beginning in a very, very different way.”

What could that mean? Well, there are lots of theories about next year, based on what comes up soon in the comics. The most popular of them being the group called the Wolves. Which was teased via an easter egg a couple episodes back.

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There are no Wolves in the comic series, but they appear to be the TV version of one of three groups from The Walking Dead comics. The Scavengers and The Saviors that are likely candidates.

In The Walking Dead comics, the Scavengers are a survivor group run by Derek, who taunted the Alexandrians and then tried to take Alexandria.

But a far more likely and more popular theory is that the Wolves of The Walking Dead TV series are based on The Saviors, led by Negan. Negan’s eventual appearance on the show has been guaranteed, if not when he would arrive. We’ve also seen some bashed in heads in the destruction of Noah’s home, reminiscent of a baseball bat, Negan’s signature weapon.

But there's also a recurring series of questions about the fate of Daryl Dixon, since actors and producers have teased a dangerous finale for the fan-favorite character.

But making the season finale even more dangerous and scary for fans. Is what producer Gale Anne Hurd said during yesterdays episode of the Talking Dead hosted by Chris Hardwick.

"There will be blood, and not just walker blood," Hurd said when asked about the upcoming 90 minute finale.

It seems like Pete Anderson has a slim chance of survival with Rick out to get him, but with Daryl and Aaron out in the woods hunting though's sick people who tie people to trees and carve Ws on their heads, they could easily be in danger.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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