The Walking Dead Cast And Crew Hint At What's Coming In Season 6

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Season six of The Walking Dead won’t make it onto our screens until October, but the cast and crew are already teasing us all with what we can expect.

AMC has released a brand new video of the cast and creators of The Walking Dead offering up a preview of what fans can expect during Season 6. You can see the video below.

Norman Reedus thinks that season 6 “going to be total chaos”. Others on the show have speculated about what they believe is to come in the next season.

Producer Denise Huth said: “Now that they have a safe place, what will they do to protect it? And who ultimately gains control after they basically execute a person in public?”

Executive Producer Tom Luse said “There’s this mysterious ‘W.’ I think that could come back to haunt them.”

In addition to the wolves, Gale Anne Hurd said “We also can look forward to seeing what Morgan brings, now that he’s reunited with them.”

Who takes charge is also another important factor, and in the comic books, control is handed over to Rick, but will we see the same on the TV show?

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, explained that she believes the group has now come together as one to face the unknown (which is probably another hint at the wolves).

Scott Gimple as usual refused to share what was really going to happen. He did though note: “Every eight episodes this show turns into a new show. That happened this season. The next eight episodes are going to be very different from these last episodes."

What do you think we can expect from season six? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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