'The Walking Dead' Andrew Lincoln: 'Super Badass' War Ahead

Andrew-Lincoln_rick grimes the walking dead negan Season 7

Expectations have reached a climax heading into the seventh season of The Walking Dead. After the massive cliffhanger has left fans hungry for a satisfying conclusion to Negan's introduction, the pressure is on the showrunners, writers, and actors to deliver 16 episodes which will live up to the cliffhanger hype.

We might be able to rest easy as, according to Andrew Lincoln, the dispute between Alexandria and Negan's Saviors is going to make for some pretty good television.

"If we follow the comic book, then there's a super badass conflict between Negan and us, and I think that's certainly something that I think will trump anything we've attempted before in the show," Lincoln says.

For the most part, The Walking Dead does follow the comic in the grand scheme of its story points despite swapping out a few character deaths. Lincoln is no stranger to Robert Kirkman's original works.

"From the comic books, the thing I really liked is that the world expands and you meet all these different communities. And each community is different -- they're benevolent, they're oppressive -- but they're described by the leader and how they set up their own philosophies and ideology."

We will see more worlds than Alexandria and the Saviors heading into season 7. Not only will the Kingdom with its kingly leader Ezekiel and pet tiger Shiva be coming into play but we'll also see smaller, apparently more obscure groups becoming factors. Plus, whoever that was in the Season 7 trailer chasing Tara and Heath around in the woods.

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 PM ET on AMC. For insider info and complete coverage all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter. 

(source: Vulture