The Flash Review: Episode 19, Who Is Harrison Wells?

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Episode 19, Who is Harrison Well?

Notes before reading: I am NOT a reviewer, I'm merely a huge fan of the The Flash comics, and like to believe that I know the series and the characters incredibly well. This review is made purely from the standpoint of a fan, who wants to see his favorite Flash characters hit the big screen in a creative fashion, and that I do this review for no reason other to get my thoughts out. If you agree, more power to you, but if not, honestly, it's fine. Not at all a big deal. Rather inconsequential, even.

Arguably the most waited for episode of the entire season. Finally we get to find out who Harrison Wells really is, and how he came to be in our time. From the perspective of our protagonists and most importantly Barry Allen. Along with the appearance of the meta human everyman and a guest appearance from detective wasting anymore time, let's get to the good part.

Barry gets pizza for the other members of the Flash crew. They discuss how they're going to catch the Reverse Flash. Catlin seems uneasy about there allegations towards Wells, claiming that he's done to much for her, and for them to be what they say he is. However the rest of them are far more certain about his involvement.

At the same time however a crime has been committed in Central City. A bank robbery caught on camera. The thief is the Bank Teller. Eddie investigates this, as they have no problem catching her. However she argues her innocence, having an air tight alibi for the crime. While he and Barry discuss the possibility of meta-human involvement they're confronted by Iris. Who acts coldly towards Eddie. Elsewhere someone is pawning off the stolen jewel.

Barry confronts Catlin. Trying to get her to believe the truth about Wells. The two go back and forth for a while about what his intentions are. Or at the very least what they appear to be. Harrison shows up ending the conversation. Barry is called away by Eddie, they pursue the meta-human Eddie gets physical with him. The Meta-Human can steal appearances via touch. He uses this power to escape the Flash.

Comic book compare time! Now in the comics Everyman's powers are much trickier and far more precise. In order to take someones form he needs genetic material in order to do so. However once he has he has the flawless uncanny ability to mimic that person. While this version seems more practical, it's possible it's not as effective. Which is something important.

Harrison and Catlin talk about that meta-human. He is anyone and they don't know what his limits are. Which is the same problem they have every time they meet a meta-human. Catlin joyfully goes over several possibilities with Wells, as Barry hesitantly leaves the two alone. As Catlin is forced to try to find a balance between both worlds.

Now we go to Starling City. Where Joe West finally gets a chance to meet Lance. Joe and Cisco briefly talk with Lance about why they're in Starling. They go to see the sight of the accident where Tess died. Laurel meets Cisco and pulls him aside while  Lance and Joe talk about fields. Laurel and Cisco discuss supeheroing, mostly shocking Cisco. He learns her identity and nearly fan girls. She predictably asks him for help with Sara's old sonics. Catlin begins to investigate Wells back in Starling.

Barry watches over Catlin. Trying to reason with her to prevent her from making a fatal error. They both needed Harrison. But Barry's love for his father is enough for him to see what Wells is. Catlin talks about how supportive he was for the 9 months following the explosion. Barry tries his best to explain why she has to remain strong, and at minimum give them a chance to find evidence. He manages to convince her to drop it.

Now going over this, we can see that Eobard Thawne is a gifted actor. But he does have the greatest motivation. His need for Barry Allen to succeed has lead him to care for others as well, the way he knows Barry would've. With one exception, they're all expendable. However it's good to see real emotion with that realization. Catlin saw a father figure in Harrison and the idea of losing that is nearly unbearable. This scene does a great job of showing us that.

Barry and Eddie investigate a man named Hannibal Bates. His grandmother is unable to recall him or provide any real information. She remains suspicious until offering to fix them a drink where it turns out she is Bates and she makes a run for it. Barry has to abandon his powers in order to pursue due to the lack of knowledge on Everyman's powers. Eddie follows as Barry has trouble catching him. Two Policeman arrive to Eddie's aid when he shoots them in cold blood.

It is at this moment that it becomes clear that the Thawne gone bad scene wasn't at all what we thought it was. I was expecting it to happen later in the series and lead to Eddie becoming Cobalt Blue. Barry's first Thawne adversary. However it seems as though the Flash writers have pulled another one and done what you least expected. They do an excellent job of keeping you guessing, and as it stands, Eddie is a decent guy.

In the prescient they go over the evidence. Barry is trying his best to prove Eddie's innocence without revealing the truth about meta-human's. Barry condoles Iris trying to keep her from worrying. Once again shoving the love of his life into the arms of someone else. Which is again a giant blow to anyone who was a fan of Barry and Iris in the comics. Eddie being with Iris seems to mirror the time Reverse Flash tried to steal Iris from Barry in order to take what mattered most away from him. Though Eddie does it all unintentionally.

Back with Joe and Lance we see further bonding over similar experiences. They talk about daughters and the heartache both parties can go through due to the work they do. Joe remains the optimist as Lance continues to act like the odd, depressed man out. They talk about what secrets are to family. And that no matter how close you are, you'll do whatever you can to protect them. Cisco uses sonics to discover tacions.

Barry tries his best to help Eddie out of his situation. Going as far as to use his speed to help him escape confinement in seconds. However it's at this time that Barry and Eddie truly bond for the first time. Eddie knows Barry is afraid of history repeating himself. But he's not a scared little boy anymore. He's a man. The fastest man alive. The Flash can prove Eddie's innocence. And he will. Barry heads home to pick up some supplies where he's caught off guard by the shapeshifter posing as Eddie.

Once again we see that the speed of the feet has nothing on the speed of the mind. It's practically irrelevant in correlation to the other. Barry's reliance on his speed rather his Barry's hinders him. Without using his brain to process to his full ability he is damned to failure. This is why the Flashes villains don't need powers or at the very least formidable ones. They simply need to out think him.

He proceeds to steal Barry's identity. Catlin tells "Barry" about her way to stop the meta-human. The shapeshifter goes along with what she says, though it's clear he's lost in what he does. For the first time Catlin is the one who comes up with a name for the bad guy, deeming him Everyman due to his ability to become Everyman.

We zoom back to a body being discovered in Starling. As it would shoe Thane hasn't been very careful. Joe and Lance have a heart to heart about the kind of world they've been thrown into. And what needs to be done in order to live in a world like that. Cisco bags the body and prepares for the harsh realities ahead in Central City.

"Barry" is trying his best o distract Catlin. Asking a large amount of questions to try to delay her. Leading to him kissing Catlin as the teaser had implied. Iris walks in breaking up the tender moment, as she goes full on detective. Explaining all the reasons why Eddie isn't the shooter, and the fact that it must be a copy cat. The Everyman catches on and prepares to kill the two woman, when they're saved by Harrison.

Now it's really good to see Iris be that Reporter. It's boring to see a woman who constantly follows one man for a constant story with different variables. Iris West didn't become a reporter to do pieces on the Flash. She did it because shes' a journalist. And it's important for them to show that in every aspect.

Catlin and Iris decide to be the ones who take in the copy cat. Though Catlin simply wants to take Iris out of it. He skillfully escapes them as they try to explain their innocence. Pressed for options Catlin goes to get Barry who had been tied up in Joe's house. We go back to Joe and Cisco leaving Starling. Just before they go Lance and Joe have their final words of advice for one and other. Joe being a driving force and example for Lance.

Barry learns that he can touch the meta-human without harm. Catlin acts awkwardly around Barry who doesn't know about the fake kiss.
Barry suits up and goes to stop Hannibal. Everyman makes a run for it using appearances to trick Barry. Though only momentarily. Barry uses the serum provided which ceases his ability to copy.

Barry is able to convince everyone at the department of Eddie's innocence. Though Meta-humans are now in the easy of the public. They're glad however to have the Flash watching out for them. Eddie and Iris recoil without him having to tell her any secrets, which Barry has to watch. Though he is still happy for both of his friends.

They have confirmed that Harrison Wells is dead and that the Reverse Flash has taken his place. The only thing left was to convince Catlin that they were right. While they do this Joe and Harrison have one there signature talks. Subtly threatening one and other while talking about them being two of a kind. The only two who understand true loss and pain, and how sad it is that they must endure that.

In the shows final moments we see the big reveal. Cisco uses a thermal scan to find the room where Wells hides the Reverse Flash costume. As well as his future library. Mysteriously Barry was able to get inside, likely due to his powers rather than his DNA. Catlin is beyond shocked to find out that the man they admired was really the Man in Yellow. Looking back on the comics Eobard never had a reason to hide his identity, but in this version it's skillfully done. It's cunning underhanded and painful, all things that scream Professor Zoom.

High Light of the Episode for me: Black Canary finally getting her Canary Cry. I know in the beginning of Arrow's season 3 I talked about how the cry was specific to Laurel and how it anyone were to obtain it, it'd be her. It was nice of them to use Cisco to do so. The unique collar like designed shows that it may be meant to be worn around the neck. And so the sonic screech has finally hit live action. I can't wait to see her display her abilities on Arrow.

Overall Rating: The count down to the final episode has begun. And everyone episode from 15 has been crucial. We have first season to wrap up, and it must be done beautifully. The Flash has really done a good job with keeping us guessing and wanting. Every episode is action packed while also letting us get to see the characters. Something that's important for a show like this. We don't want invincible heroes. We want men trying to do there best despite there faults. A reason why season one has been so engaging. It's done excellently. Total rating is 10 out of 10.