The Flash Recruits William Sadler to Play Simon Stagg

Simon Stagg, the father of Metamorpho's girlfriend Sapphire in the DC Comics source material, will appear on the second episode of The CW's The Flash, played by The Shawshank Redemption's William Sadler, the actor revealed via his Twitter account.

The Roswell star posted a number of comments and photos to Twitter today after being spotted by paparazzi on set yesterday. With him at the time was Muchasa Armstrong, who had minor roles in Arrow and The Tomorrow People. has reached out to The CW to see whether we can confirm that Armstrong is playing Java, the genetically-engineered driver/bodyguard who is a constant companion to Stagg in the comics.

A report on TVLine earlier this week suggested that Starman villain The Mist might be the antagonist in the second episode of The Flash. Whether that report was inaccurate, there's a connection between the two villains or some other option we're not considering is obviously not yet known. It's as likely as not that at least one of them is a villain for Barry and the Central City Police as much or more than for The Flash.

Around the same time The CW announced that The Flash would be introduced on Arrow with an eye toward a pilot, Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted an image of a van marked "Metamorpho Chemical" with the teaser "coming to Arrow Season 2."

Sadler recently appeared in Iron Man 3 as the President of the United States. He has worked with The Flash director David Nutter on Disturbing Behavior, The Pacific and the pilot for Roswell.