A lot of what we've seen from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has been kind of worrisome. There were some great things about the first movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone — namely their chemistry. But some elements just kind of sucked — like pretty much anything that had to do with the Lizard. 

And that's what has fans nervous. There are three villains now. (And one of them has awful spiked hair.) So does that leave any room for what worked in "The Amazing Spider-Man"?

The final trailer, which just debuted, hints that maybe the Spider-Man we really liked is still there. The beginning of the trailer emphasizes Garfield's charming work as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and he's very good at doing both. Scenes like the one at the East River with Harry Osborn is the kind of stuff I'd like to see more of, honestly. 

The rest of the trailer, however, isn't going to change the minds of anyone who is afraid of villain overload. The Green Goblin plays a much bigger role in this final trailer, and we do get to see a good amount of his confrontation with Spider-Man. 

The action is very reliant on CGI, which could get a little tiresome in the theater, but it's hard to deny that the sequences, like Spidey's work with a manhole cover, are expertly choreographed. 

We'll see if Spider-Man can handle three villains at once (both physically and narratively) when "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opens in theaters on May 2.


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