Another season of British sci-fi classic Red Dwarf in the works

The long-running British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf is reportedly coming back to life once again, so get ready for more weird space-set hijinks.

Series co-creator Doug Naylor is signed on to write the upcoming 11th season, which is scheduled to shoot in October. If the schedule holds, the series could debut in the fall of 2015. The news was announced at the recent Sci-Fi Scarborough convention during a Red Dwarf panel.

The series, which follows the wacky crew of a mining spaceship, originally debuted all the way back in 1988 and ran on the BBC for about a decade. Then, the series went on hiatus, until it was revived 10 years later by the UK network Dave for a miniseries run. That turned out to be a success, and they’ve kept the series around via limited runs ever since. The most recent season,Red Dwarf X, aired in 2012.

Red Dwarf is a legit sci-fi classic, and we’re glad to hear the Dwarfers will be sticking around for at least another season. Have you been impressed with the revival?

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