Team Arrow Lines Up in New Poster For Season Three

With just three weeks left until the season begins, The CW today released a new poster for Arrow Season Three.

You can check out the full image below; it shows Team Arrow lined up and walking away from what looks like a really bad battle scene behind them, with smoke, damage and burned-out cars.

Unlike The Flash's poster, which said little about the tone of the series but focused on tantalizing DC Comics Easter eggs, this one is more about establishing a feel and reiterating who the main cast will be. We've seen Caity Lotz as Sara and we know that Audrey Marie Anderson will recur as Harbinger, for instance, but they aren't part of the big-T Team.

The image doesn't tell us a lot, other than the part about the team standing on the outskirts of town with what looks like a battle raging behind them. The biggest takeaway from this image might be that Laurel is still not wearing the Black Canary jacket, in spite of the symbolic transfer of ownership at the end of Season Three.

Of course, last week's Arrow Season 2.5 comic saw her summon Sara to come sit by her father's bedside (apparently Sara left really quickly and didn't see that her dad collapsed after she walked away at the end of Season Two), so there's always the chance we'll see Sara wearing that jacket before we see Laurel doing it -- even though we have got confirmation that, yes, Laurel is training to become Canary.

Arrow returns on October 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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