SUPERNATURAL'S Amy Gumenick Takes Up Cupid's Bow After Losing Black Canary Role

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Tonight, The CW's latest offering of Arrow finds Oliver dealing with an obsessive stalker bent on putting all of the Arrow's enemies in a bodybag.  The role of Cupid will be played by Amy Gumenick, who previously portrayed Mary Winchester on Supernatural.  Originally, Gumenick tested for the role of Laurel Lance on Arrow but that role obviously went to Katie Cassidy, another CW alum - Supernatural, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl. She told The Warp:

"I auditioned for [Arrow] several times.  I first auditioned when they were casting the pilot, actually, for Katie Cassidy's role.  It was a show I wanted to be a part of.  I've since then auditioned for various other guest stars and recurring [roles] here and there, but the one didn't hit.  But [Rapaport] is a loyal and an amazingly down to earth person who really believes in his actors. So, I would go in and do my thing and trust that if the right role was there it would happen."

Well, it appears one has finally "hit" for Gumenick as se's set to make her mark as Cupid after debuting in the closing seconds of last week's episode.  

"We definitely get to meet this wild woman," said Gumenick on the obsessive Cupid.  "Cupid is described as a villain, but she's really driven by love and determined to get the bad guys. She specifically goes after several of Arrow's rivals and enemies in hopes of buying his love, so to speak."