Superman and Lois Lane Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams have done the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge... in their wardrobe from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so there video features Superman and Lois Lane being soaked.

It's the first time we've seen a close-up shot (or a moving shot) of the new Superman costume "in action," even though it doesn't particularly move with the two of them sitting still for a static shot. Cavill gets drenched a number of times, since he'd been nominated repeatedly; Amy Adams leaves after the first bucket.

Her hair appears to be wet at the start; whether this was the second take for the ALS video or whether Lois was already wet due to something happening in the film and it seemed like a good time to do the video (perhaps using water from whatever the stunt was to avoid wasting it) isn't clear. Adams also appears to be wearing the same costume Lois wore in the first film.

Can we assume that, the costume being on and all, Cavill is fulfilling Clark Kent's obligation after Superman's alter ego was nominated by longtime Superman editor Mike Carlin earlier this week?

You can check the video out below, along with a caption provided by the movie's Google+ page.