Steven Moffat On Female Doctor Possibilities And Maisie Williams' Character

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At the TCA press tour, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was asked once again about his take on possibly having a female Doctor.

Moffat, said that it’s all about finding the right actor to take on the role, be it male or female. And for a female Doctor to succeed, he said she would need to be “carved out of solid star” to pull it off. 

Here’s what Moffat said on the subject:

"In my head, rationally, it seems to me — you know how human beings are never completely male or female; you’re mostly a woman, I’m mostly a man? — that maybe a male Time Lord is someone most of whose regenerations are male. Maybe he’ll have a couple of female ones. The science fiction of that would make sense to me. Otherwise I think life might be a little bit complicated on Gallifrey — or would it? I don’t think they’d care.

It’s not an impossibility to have a lady Doctor. It is not a lock either. There is no guarantee. I wish sometimes that the politics of that would take a backseat and we’d just talk about the art, because it’s not really about that. It’s just about ‘would it work?’ The day it will work is when somebody says, ‘That person would be amazing,’ and the most conservative, most traditional member of the audience says, ‘Oh god, yes. I would hate the idea of a lady Doctor, but that one would be great.'”

On the point of casting, i agree it is so important — moreso if it's the first female playing the role. But at the same time, there certainly isn’t a shortage of female stars who could possibly pull it off. (Gillian Anderson?) But, Moffat does make an excellent point, in the way he's looking at it. It shouldn’t done for political reasons, but at the same time it shouldn’t be discounted. 

Now, in addition to giving his thoughts on the subject of having a female Doctor, Moffat offered up some solid hints, regarding Maisie Williams character in Doctor Who season 9.

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Moffat revealed that Williams will be playing a new character not a returning character.

"She is not playing a returning character. She’s a new character, she’s not a character from the Doctor’s past.” Moffat told.

Well this news certainly debunks a lot of fan theories? What do you think about Maisie Williams playing a new character not a returning? Any theories? Tell us in the comments below.

Doctor Who Series 9 is set to air on BBC America on Sept. 19 2015.

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