Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Vs. Flash And Suicide Squad Spinoff


At Fan Expo Canada this weekend, Arrow’s Stephen Amell was asked about how the success of Arrow had helped lead to a bunch of new DC Comics TV shows.

“Arrow has been created by people who love comic books, and it was created in coordination and with the full participation of DC [Comics],” said Amell. “We’re not trying to make a TV show. We’re trying to make something that’s incredible cinematic. We’re trying to make something that’s ostensible a graphic novel.”

“When I read reviews of Arrow in 2012, it was like, ‘The pilot’s good, but as we know, comic book shows don’t really work on TV,’” added Amell. “And now of course this Fall, we have Gotham, we have the Flash, we have Constantine, we have iZombie. There’s what’s that show on ABC…Agents…I can’t remember.”

Then, Amell added that Netflix was doing cool stuff with Marvel, and of course , he knew ABC’s show was called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After bringing up the Agent Carter spinoff series, Amell said, “I would love instead of doing 23 episodes or Arrow, I would love to do like seventeen and in the middle of the year we can do six episodes of the Suicide Squad.”

In regards the Arrow and Flash crossover, which occurs with each series eighth episode, Amell revealed, “The first episode will be 108 of Flash. It’s called Flash vs. Arrow, or Arrow vs. Flash as the case may be. That sounds better.” Amell wouldn’t reveal the title of the second part to the two-part crossover.

In regards to if Ollie and Felicity would kiss in Season 3, Amell said, “I log onto my Twitter, and I saw an image from Episode 301 of Felicity and I, and I immediately thought that the premiere had leaked. And I didn’t realize it was a preview, because the image that was released was like the eighth most important thing that happens in the episode. It’s a crazy episode.”