Stephen Amell Hints At S4 Change: Could It Be The Transition To Green Arrow?

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From day one, the Arrow showrunners have stated that The CW's Arrow is about Oliver Queen's journey to become Green Arrow.  Specifically, that Oliver Queen didn't return from the island as a wise-cracking, virtuous champion of the common man and that the show would be a deep examination of his transformation from outlaw vigilante to hero.  

Well Stephen Amell has told The Hollywood Reporter that starting with his sound defeat at the hands of Ra's Al Ghul (Matt Nable) Oliver is going to go through a mini-metamorphosis that results in a complete overhaul of the Arrow's persona and methodology.

 "[Oliver] comes back [to Starling City] having been humbled, which is an important lesson for anybody.  [The fight] was not even that close.  This will make perfect sense when you see season four, but the Arrow persona, the vigilante, the hood — that's a flawed persona.  We saw it be flawed. We saw him lose. There has to be something more. We'll see that eventually."

Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, February 11th at 8:00 on the CW.