Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 9: "Legacy" Review

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By Spencer LoSchiavo

"Legacy" begins as Ezra gets a vision about his parents, he and Kanan decide to go to Lothal to find the truth. From there, they find a startling truth in this moody mid-season finale.  

While this episode involves many of the main players, the focus is mainly on our two Jedi heroes, Ezra and Kanan.  While the latter character has quickly become one of my favorites in the Star Wars Universe, I've made no secret to hide my dislike for the former.  He's a bully, a jerk, and seems to be resistant to any maturation even after he's been through so much.  This episode, however, has started to change my opinion on him.

This episode finally shows some real growth in Ezra Bridger.  Though I believe the subplot about Ezra's parents is far from over, we see him accept the truth and begin to develop.  Hopefully, they don't go back on this character development and have him go back to being a selfish brat, but it does seem as though this change is permanent and for the better.  This episode has a real Empire Strikes Back vibe going for it and it works wonders.

The best thing about this episode is that it allows the characters room to breathe.  It felt a bit slower paced, but something about it worked for me, unlike previous slower episodes.  I think it might be that it felt like the story is progressing and I'm enjoying seeing where this story is going for the most part.  I give "Legacy" an A-.