Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 10: "A Princess in Lothal" Review

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By Spencer LoSchiavo

"A Princess in Lothal" is the triumphant return of Star Wars Rebels after a short break over the holiday. The titular princess does refer to Princess Leia as she makes her debut in the animated series.

Kanan and Ezra are assigned on a mission to receive reinforcements from Senator Bail Organa, but as they encounter his adopted daughter Leia, they also encounter the Empire.

What works wonderfully in this episode is the character of Leia. Not only does her presence make perfect sense, but this episode shows a side of her that we've never seen before: the double agent. The Rebels writers and showrunner Dave Filoni have constantly shown that they respect what came before. What I really enjoy is the fact that this episode of Rebels will enhance future viewings of the saga, now that I feel a little bit closer to the Princess Leia character.

What I felt didn't work as well as they wanted was the arc of the character Azadi. After a brief introduction in the previous episode, he struggles with getting involved in the Rebellion. Unfortunately, it takes a side to the Princess Leia storyline. I couldn't help but feel like it should have had its own episode instead of being entwined with this one.

Overall, I give "A Princess in Lothal" an A.