Star Wars Rebels Episode 13: "Rebel Resolve" Review

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"Rebel Resolve" is the penultimate episode in season 1 of Star Wars Rebels and boy, does it give us an incredible set up for the season finale.  

The episode begins as our heroes are commandeering an AT-DP Walker in hopes to find Kanan, who has been kidnapped by Governor Tarkin and the Inquisitor.  Meanwhile, the villains are torturing Kanan in hopes to test whether he really is a Jedi, and if he knows the location of the Rebels.  

The episode is basically an action packed set-up for the finale, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  We see Ezra really step up in Kanan's absence and his training pay off.  We also see a little bit more of Fulcrum, this time wearing a cloak suspiciously Jedi-like.  I'm not saying that Fulcrum is exactly Ahsoka, but the way he speaks sounds an awful lot like a female voice lowered to sound anonymous.  We also get more of Vizago (the Devaronian pirate introduced in earlier episodes) and what is undoubtedly a set-up for future episodes.

When the show first started, it felt more like it wanted to force these characters into their respective roles without really letting it happen naturally.  However, with Call to Action and this episode, you will not doubt at all each character's role in the team.  Once again, the show gets better and I am literally aching with anticipation for the finale, which will not be available on the Disney XD app, so we will all have to wait a little bit longer.  I give this episode a solid A+.