Star Wars Rebels Episode 12 "Call to Action" Review

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While I've enjoyed all of Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels so far, I've felt like something has been missing. I never quite could put my finger on what. It wasn't until THIS episode that I realized what it was. The Empire has never really been that big of a threat in the show.

Sure, the Inquisitor was scary and cool, but the Empire was more like a minor nuisance.  In most episodes, the Rebels would fight, get into some trouble, almost get caught and be home in time for supper.  

Not this time.  Without revealing anything big, the Empire leads the crew to a place where they have to make an impossible choice.

This episode starts with the arrival of Tarkin.  He is most displeased with the lack of progress that has been made by the Empire on Lothal. Particularly, the fact that they've failed to capture the "insurgents" as he calls them.

While I enjoyed Yoda and Lando's appearance in previous episodes, this is the first cameo from Original Trilogy characters that I felt was necessary given the time period and subject matter.  There's one scene with him and the Inquisitor that is especially dark and unexpected especially if you watched the episode Breaking Ranks.

Overall, I thought this episode was inspiring and suspenseful. I give it an A+ and highly recommend it. Please more of this, Rebels crew. More of this.