Star Wars Rebels Episode 11: "Vision of Hope" Review

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"Vision of Hope" is the 11th episode of Star Wars Rebels, a show that seemingly gets better and better with each episode. While not quite as strong as the Force-centric episodes such as "Path of the Jedi," this episode was an improvement in the team aspect of the show.

 The episode starts with Ezra getting a little lightsaber training done. He does...okay, until he gets a vision, very much in the style of Anakin's in Revenge of the Sith, about meeting Senator Gall Trayvis (a resurgent senator who is a recurring character).

He is surprised to see that, in his vision, Trayvis knows his parents. The padawan insists on his vision being real, despite Kanan's warnings about visions, and the rebels watch a transmission from Trayvis. The transmission reveals his location and they decide to go, but was Ezra's vision misinterpreted?

Without giving much away, the episode is what we've come to expect from the series.  With lots of humorous moments, top notch music and sound, as well as the fun swashbuckling that was made famous by Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. However, what really stuck out to me in this episode was how well the team aspects worked compared to the previous episodes.

In this episode, we see every team member get a moment to shine.  Yes, even Chopper has one. We also see the return of Zare Leonis, from the Breaking Ranks episode.  It seems that this episode we see more from the Imperial point of view. There's a brief moment with Agent Kallus that seems to indicate a rift between him and the Inquisitor. It will be interesting to see where that story-line goes.

Overall, I give Star Wars Rebels, Episode 11, "Vision of Hope" a B+ and definitely recommend it as a worthy episode in this already remarkable show.