Star Wars Rebels "Always Two There Are" Review

(Photo: Lucasfilm Animation)

(Photo: Lucasfilm Animation)

By Spencer LoSchiavo


After a spellbinding mini-movie and a great two parter episode which brought back the clones, Star Wars Rebels "Always Two There Are" slows things down a bit to introduce this season's two new servants of the Dark Side, The Seventh Sister Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother Inquisitor.  

Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb are given a run-of-the-mill supply mission at an abandoned Republic station; however, what's waiting for them is anything but ordinary.  It's here that we meet our two main villains of this season.

Since having our heroes evade Darth Vader week after week would make the Dark Lord of the Sith appear less threatening, we are given these two new less powerful characters to chase the rebels.  What I really liked about this episode was the conversation between Ezra and The Seventh Sister Inquisitor, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.  We see Ezra at the beginning of the episode getting too cocky, which is something he quickly loses as the Seventh Sister Inqusitor starts to break him down psychologically.

Another interesting thing was the dynamic between the Seventh Sister Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother.  While these characters are not Sith, the competitive nature of the Sith is very much present in their relationship.  I can see it being an ongoing arc in the show as we get to know these characters better.

While I liked this episode, I found the pacing a bit slow.  The characters were great and I enjoyed everything with the Inquisitors.  I also really enjoyed seeing Zeb be the hero in an episode for a change, though I could have done without the slapstick humor.  

All in all, I give Star Wars Rebels "Always Two There Are" a C+.