Star Wars Rebel Episode 14 Season 2: "Homecoming" Review

Image: Disney XD

Image: Disney XD

By Spencer LoSchiavo

"Homecoming" is the fourteenth episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 and sees the return of Star Wars The Clone Wars character Cham Syndulla, Hera's father. If you're wondering if it's a continuation of the story or another standalone episode, it's definitely the latter. Though there are some repercussions that will be followed up upon in the future.

The crew of The Ghost are tasked with stealing an Imperial freighter that is reigning chaos upon Ryloth, the planet of the Twi'leks, forcing the rebels to enlist the aid of Cham Syndulla, a hero of the Clone Wars. However, as we see his relationship with Hera is a little less than functional.

What I really liked about this episode was seeing a side of the Rebellion that we don't often see in this show (or Star Wars in any other medium to be honest). We see the side of the Rebellion that is willing to risk innocent lives and do things that are less than heroic to fight the Empire, embodied by Cham Syndulla. Also, fans of The Clone Wars series will be happy to see another character returning, although I wish they had been given a bit more to do.

What I didn't like about this episode was that yet again it seems to be a detour from the main plot. It does have repercussions as I've mentioned before, but what about all those things that were promised in the trailer? We only have about 4 episodes left of this season to see them. Are they going to be jam-packed episodes or what? I hope they don't rush it. Also, I'm beginning to feel like things are a little too easy for our heroes. As much as I love these main characters, we need to see one of them die, or it belittles the threat of the Empire. I know this show is mostly aimed at kids, but we saw several rebel pilots die in the last few episodes. Hopefully, that's because they're preparing for us to see one of the main characters bite it at the end. Overall though, I really enjoyed this episode. I give it a B+.