Stan Lee hints at surprise Marvel cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy

Lately we've heard that, Marvel legend Stan Lee won't be making cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy because he didn’t have much to do with the comic well, apparently, things have changed.

Stan Lee cameos have become a vital part of Marvel’s movie franchises, and the comic architect has showed up in everything from X-men to Iron Man over the last few decades. But, most of his cameos came in films based on comics he helped create or launch and Guardians was a bit out of his space.

But, that doesn’t mean director James Gunn was going to leave him out of all the fun. While speaking at the recent C2E2 convention, the 91-year-old former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics confirmed he will pop up in Guardians of the Galaxy. He was just a little cagey about the details, though.

Here’s what he told the crowd, via Comic Book Resources:

“Now [Marvel Studios will] get mad at me. I can tell you that I don't understand what it was or why I did it. It was with a girl, a pretty girl. But you'll get a kick out of it."

Between Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan, there are a fair share of “pretty girls” in the line-up, so that could mean a few different things. But, Lee also hinted the scene could have something to do with a “hologram” (not to mention his clean-shaven look, missing his :( iconic mustache).

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