[Spoilers] When These Walking Dead Characters Will Return In Season 7

The Walking Dead's seventh season has, like the season before it, chosen to follow one group per week as the members of Alexandria have become divided amongst different places.

Week 1 followed the core members of Rick's group as Negan's introduction played out and Glenn and Abraham were killed. Week 2 saw Carol and Morgan's arrival at The Kingdom with King Ezekiel. Week 3 followed Daryl's torture at the hands of Dwight at Negan's Sanctuary. Week 4 will finally head back to Alexandria.

Some popular, well-known characters still have not been seen at all in Season 7 to date. Among them: Spencer, Tara, Heath, Jesus, Gregory and Father Gabriel have all been absent through Season 7's first three weeks. This fact will change, though, starting on Sunday night.

The following images breakdown the expected returns of certain characters thoughout the next few episodes of The Walking Dead. Mild spoilers follow.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Episode 7x04

Most of the Alexandrians who have been absent through Season 7 so far will make their return in episode 7x04. The episode is titled service and is slotted to run 85-minutes long on Sunday night, making plenty of time lesser characters to earn some face time.

Among the characters returning in 7x04, titled, "Service," are Eric, Father Gabriel, Olivia, and Spencer.

Gabriel was last seen looking after Rick's daughter Judith as the group set out for the Hilltop. Of course, that trip landed them on their knees in front of Negan so Gabriel's choice to hang back in the Safe-Zone turned out to be a wise one.

Spencer's return comes with the expectation of his death among fans. In the Season 7 trailer, the character displays a bit of defiance toward Rick's decisions which is what lead to his death in Robert Kirkman's comics in the infamous "guts" scene. 

(Photo: AMC)

(Photo: AMC)

Episode 7x05

The fifth episode of The Walking Dead's seventh season will take us back to the Hilltop for the first time since its introduction late in Season 6.

The last time our group talked with its leader Gregory, he was recovering from a wound inflicted by Negan's manipulation of Hilltop residents. Of course, Tom Payne's fan-favorite portrayal of Paul "Jesus" Rovia stuck around later in the season to help Rick's group raid Negan's compound.

Expect to see both Gregory and Jesus in episode 7x05 as Maggie and Sasha head to the Hilltop in the aftermath of Negan killing the men they loved. 

Episode 7x06

Then, there's Tara and Heath.

These two have been on the longest supply run in apocalypse story history. Late in Season 6, the two set out from Alexandria to go scavenge some surrounding areas and have been all but forgotten as their supply run has apparently lasted for at least a couple of weeks.

The two actors, Alanna Masterson and Corey Hawkins have been rumored to be filming near water on Georgia's Jekyll Island and the episode is said to be introducing a new group to the mix. While many suspect a casting call for a female leader reflects qualities of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers in Kirkman's comics, we are still a couple of seasons away from the group's introduction.

Many suspect a death in the episode as reports of a corpse washing up on shore with Tara have surfaced from various sources. We will find out on November 27. 

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