See The Reactions of Your Favourite 'The Walking Dead' Stars To 'Bury Me Here'

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead's latest episode, 'Bury Me Here'!

Anytime The Walking Dead is on the air, it becomes very social affair. Fans all over Twitter react to the insanity of each episode, but they aren't always the only ones in on the action.

The stars of The Walking Dead often have some input on the episode as well, and a few of them had plenty to say regarding last night's shocking episode.

From Melissa McBride, to Khary Payton, the stars were chatting it up on Twitter during the show last night.

Khary Payton

King Ezekiel seems to be a cheerful guy, and the same is true of actor Khary Payton. The guy is always seen with a smile on his face, and he loves bringing light and joy to even the most serious of circumstances.

During the doom and gloom of last night's episode, Payton shared a funny behind-the-scenes photo to cheer everybody up.

Cooper Andrews

It's a fact: The fans love Jerry. All of his jokes seem to resonate with the audience, and his hilarious antics provide the much-needed comic relief during the serious moments of the show.

He stands up for what's right, and you can't separate the man from his cobbler. Jerry is one-of-a-kind, and Cooper Andrews plays him perfectly.

After the first shocking death of the episode, Andrews posted a tribute to his fallen friend.

Melissa McBride

Carol was vital to tonight's episode, and Melissa McBride was watching very intently. The actress is a fan-favorite on the show, and she tweeted along with all of the episode's biggest events.

Elizabeth Ludlow

While Elizabeth Ludlow - who plays Arat on the show - hasn't had a ton of screen-time yet, fans have really taken to her. During her liver interactions with fans last night, the actress had plenty of thoughts about the episode.

Katelyn Nacon

Enid may not have been on last night's episode, but Katelyn Nacon was certainly watching. Her tweets leading into the episode made it seem like she was just as excited for the episode as many of the fans were.

It's always awesome to know the audience and cast are equally as invested. Nacon wasn't the only one pumped to see Carol in action.

(article via Comicbook)

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