Video: See Smaug Interviewed By Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert ends his run on The Colbert Report with a pretty epic slate of guests, but Thursday night’s might be the one to rule them all. The noted Lord of the Rings fan had Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit on the show, and the results were fiery, to say the least.

Watch the interview:

That’s a surprisingly candid interview from a dragon. Just look at all the things we learned about him from the interview:

  • He’s a conservative. Although, given Smaug’s gold-hoarding tendencies, we weren’t too surprised to find out his political affiliation.
  • He thinks the Game of Thrones dragons are Khaleesi-whipped “lap lizards.”
  • He apparently invented the hostile takeover.
  • He has not read The Hobbit.
  • He likes being called “dude.”
  • He was offered a part on Sherlock.

Colbert ends his run with Grimmy, aka the Grim Reaper, as his guest on Dec. 18.