Rumor: The working title of Star Wars: Episode VII is leaked


A new rumor has surfaced, claiming the working title of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars sequel has leaked.

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting the new film is currently titled Star Wars: Episode VII - The Ancient Fear, and they claim to have independently confirmed the title. Of course, there’s a definite chance this is just a working name, and it could change before an official announcement is made.

If it is legit, it could offer some major hints about the story line we’ll see from the franchise’s epic return. It could also mesh with reports the new baddie will not be a Sith but possibly some type of ancient evil.

Take this one with as just a rumor, because there’s always the chance it’s a temporary title Abrams is floating for production to keep the real name under wraps until they’re ready to announce it.But if it is being considered by the franchise it still gives us some hints.

What do you think?

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