Rumor: Robert Downey Jr. To Appear In The Next Spider-Man Movie?

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The latest rumor making its way through the mill is that Drew Goddard will be directing Marvel Studios’ first Spider-Man movie, now dubbed Spectacular Spider-Man.

The news comes from the Latino Review, and also mentions a scene involving Spider-Man trying out for the Avengers by fighting Iron Man.

"As an added bonus, and this will boost excitement in a big way from the larger causal moviegoing audiences, Spider-Man may battle it out with Iron Man in his first movie," Rob Keyes of wrote.

"This would explain why it was Robert Downey Jr. teasing the major announcement last week on behalf of Marvel. Such a team-up would be very symbolic of the Marvel-Sony arrangement, putting their most bankable, poster boy characters together on screen to help relaunch the Spider-Man brand in the biggest way possible at the box office."

Robert Downey Jr.  has said in the past that he doesn't want to continue to suit up unless the studio can offer interesting storylines. That is why he'll be a prominent figure in "Captain America: Civil War" and that is likely why a Spider-Man crossover could appeal to him.

 The movie is said to see Spider-Man battling the Sinister Six. If Tony is pro-registration, it stands to reason that, even if Spidey fails his Avengers audition, this teenage boy is going to be on his radar.

But it makes you wonder why Tony and the Avengers aren’t giving this kid a hand. Sure, they can find a reason to hand wave this away, but why bring the issue to the forefront in the first place?

If this rumor turns out to be true. You can see why Sony would want Stark to appear in there film. Since they would greatly benefit from it. Especially since Tony Stark is arguably the most popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His presence will help generate the type of box office returns "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" failed to reach.

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