Paul Feig Has Revealed The New Ghostbusters Uniforms And Proton Packs

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Director Paul Feig has revealed are first look at the new Ghostbusters uniforms and redesigned proton packs, for the much-anticipated female-led Ghostbusters reboot.

Like the original Ghostbuster uniforms, they are  jumpsuits and are pretty much the same color. They also sport the same classic logo, that fans know and love. The only apparent difference is the orange safety stripes. Overall i'm loving the hole look of the uniforms.

And of course, a Ghostbuster uniform isn't complete without a proton pack. While they look distinctly like a proton pack, there has obviously been some 21st century upgrades, which look pretty cool. They also looks a little smaller and more battered than the originals.

What do you think of the redesigned Uniforms and Proton Packs? Tell us in the comments below.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 22, 2016.

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