Onslaught And Antiphon Reportedly Will Be Suicide Squad's Main Villains

Image via: comicbook.com

Image via: comicbook.com

The big bad in the Suicide Squad movie will reportedly be Antiphon, head of the special ops organization called Onslaught.

According to the report from the Latino Review, Antiphon and Onslaught will be hunting superheroes and villains for their own agenda.

Antiphon and Onslaught will reportedly come into conflict with Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, a task force a supervillains brought together to take on the deadliest missions available.

Adding to Antiphon's intrigue is the fact that he is a burn victim, as well as an amputee who walks with a prosthetic leg.

Image via: thefilmexperience.net

Image via: thefilmexperience.net

To top things off, Ed Harris, who's name was recently linked to another character in the upcoming supervillain movie, is rumored for the role of Antiphon.

While word of Antiphon taking on the role of top antagonist is still only in the rumor stages, it is nonetheless an exciting prospect. 

If these rumors are true, fans will be in for a cinematic treat. With Onslaught appearing in more than a dozen issues, there is a wealth of material to pull from and a pool of cool assassins at director David Ayer's fingertips. 

Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theaters Aug. 5, 2016. 

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