Nick Frost and Justin Long Are Headed To Fox In A New Comedy Pilot

Following much success thanks to the final film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End, Nick Frost is using the cred to co-star in a new Fox comedy pilot, Sober Companion, along with Justin Long.

According to TV Guide, the single-camera series will see Frost play “Robert, an attorney who’s intelligent and driven, but also struggles with addiction. After drunkenly faceplanting in court, he’s assigned a highly unconventional sober companion for three months and has to choose between giving up his lifestyle or giving up his career.” Long, whose casting was announced in February, plays the “sober companion.”

Considering the word “faceplanting,” it seems like a safe bet this role will feature a heavy amount of physical humor from Frost, and that’s great considering it’s something he excels at in all of the Cornetto films. The simple fact is, no one is going to argue with a weekly dose of Nick Frost come the fall, so let’s hope Fox picks this one up to series.

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