New Set Photos And Explosive Video From Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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A new bunch of set photos have arrived online of Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones, thanks to Daily Mail

The set photos feature title character Jessica Jones aka Krysten Ritter as she films scenes for the upcoming Marvel series and, apparently, gets a bit bloody in the process.

You can check out some of the set pics below and you can see all of them over at the Daily Mail.

In addition to the pics and what is really exciting, is a new explosive set video. The video is from East Village Today, and features Krysten Ritter's stunt double, standing outside Vazac's in New York. In which the building then explodes in front of her and she is quickly yanked backwards into protective mats to simulate the force of being thrown by the explosion.

Even though there are protective mats it still looks like it hurt a lot.

You can check out the video below:

Marvel's Jessica Jones will debut later this year on Netflix.

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