New Details On The Upcoming Arrow/The Flash Crossover

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"If there is anybody who is watching only one of the shows, [this is an opportunity] to sort of check out the other," Arrow and The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told The Hollywood Reporter about the significance of the upcoming crossover and how those who perhaps only watch the one show right now should approach them.

"You don't always get that opportunity … but I really feel like there are so many similarities between the shows, as much as there are differences. This was such a great opportunity to give the best of everything we do on both shows: it has great Arrow stunts, it has great Flash humor and heart. We're just really excited." Also excited are stars Grant Gustun and Stephen Amell, and it was revealed recently that the two will come to blows (in an episode appropriately titled "Flash vs. Arrow") when the Scarlet Speedster finds himself not exactly feeling himself as a result of a run in with yet another new metahuman.

"Barry's not himself in The Flash vs. Arrow," reveals Gustin. "It was really fun; I got to play a different character, essentially, who was losing his mind. Some truths come to the surface that wouldn't have otherwise, because Barry's been brainwashed, and that's the reason the fight ensues." As for the battle itself, Amell adds, "Oliver is keenly aware of [Barry's affliction], and they're fighting, but it's more Oliver trying to get him back under control."

There's been a lot of talk about a major revelation in the crossover for Oliver Queen, with something that Kreisberg describes as, "a really big character, emotional moment for Oliver on The Flash side; [something] that we set up last season and paid off in Flash, and will pay off down the road on Arrow."

There are a lot of theories going around as to what this might be, with everything from The Arrow becoming Green Arrow to the return of Oliver's son among the most popular. Regardless of what it ends up being, it sounds like Ollie will be kept in the dark for the time being! "I would say, it's not picked up in the Arrow episode [of the crossover]," Arrowexecutive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed. "It's like the bomb underneath the table, and I think part of the fun is waiting to see when Oliver is going to learn what the audience learns on Flash. " We can however expect to see some new revelations in regards to the murder of Sara Lance however, as Felicity apparently turns to Caitlin and S.T.A.R. Labs for help. "There is a major step forward in the Canary mystery," Guggenheim teased. "We have the folks at S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City, and they're pretty scientific. They've got a lot of resources at their disposal, and it would be kind of a shame to not have Team Arrow lean on them a little bit to help solve this mystery."

So, it's all sounding pretty great so far, eh? However, while characters will likely continue to jump between both shows, it sounds like both Arrow and The Flash will be holding off on another crossover for quite some time due to the huge amount of work which went into making this one a possibility.

"We'd absolutely love to do it again," Guggenheim promised. "It was very hard, but very fun. And we definitely talked about it; we have ideas. I think what's great about how Greg [Berlanti], Andrew and I work is that everything always starts off with, 'Wouldn't it be cool if … ?' A lot of [those] conversations related to the shows crossing over. And what's really great is it looks like with the success of Flash and the success of Arrow, there will be plenty of opportunities coming our way. And we've got some crazy ideas. And the crazy ideas are always the most exciting ones for us." What are you guys most looking forward to seeing?

Interview source: The Hollywood Reporter

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