Plot rumors surface as cameras roll on Star Wars VII


Star Wars Episode VII officially started filming, and with that comes a handful of new casting and plot rumors. Warning -- potential spoilers ahead!

This is your last chance to leave before we get into one very heavy plot spoiler here.

OK, here we go Latino Review (via The Playlist) reports that the basic storyline of Episode VII will have its young lead characters -- played presumably by John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and a yet-to-be-cast actress -- coming together and springing into action when -- get this -- Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is killed.

Does this make sense? Sure it does. Ford has never been all that crazy about Solo, and he famously wanted the Corellian smuggler to go out in a blaze of glory with the second Death Star inReturn of the Jedi. He didn't get his wish, but perhaps director/co-screenwriter J.J. Abrams lured the curmudgeonly actor back to the franchise by guaranteeing that he wouldn't have to show up forEpisodes VIII and IX

It's an effective way to pass the torch to the youngsters going forward. Not one word of this is official, of course, and Latino Review's sources can be hit or miss. But it's not the most outlandish idea we've heard when it comes to Star Wars either.

Speaking of the youngsters, it's also rumored that little-known actresses Katie Jarvis and Maisie Richardson-Sellers are both up for parts in the movie. The latter has practically no resume to speak of, while the former got some attention in 2009 for her work in a British drama called Fish Tank (she's appeared in nothing since). 

Is killing off Han a good idea or not?

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