Miles Teller Says 'Traditional Costumes' Will Appear In Fantastic Four

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Traditional fans of the Fantastic Four, you can get excited and take a breathe of relief. Those weird looking containment suits that Johnny Storm/The Human Torch Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman and Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic were wearing won't be the only costumes they wear in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Speaking with ScreenCrush, Fantastic Four actor Miles Teller implied that, despite appearances to the contrary, the Fantastic Four would indeed be donning a version of their traditional costumes in the film, though he stops somewhat short of stating it definitively.

"These are the beta versions of the costumes, which is great [...] But, yeah it would be very odd if the Fantastic Four didn't don the traditional costumes," Teller told Screen Crush.

"You've got to. There is some servicing there. You've got to give that to the fans. That's what it's all about." said Teller.

Fantastic Four will land in theaters August 7, 2015.

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