Doctor Who Tease: More Questions Than Answers

“I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity... hatred!”Is this a tease for a new Doctor? I mean clearly we're getting a new Doctor. Matt Smith is gone and we're now excitedly awaiting the Peter Capaldi era.

First we had the "Am I a good man?" tease last week with Clara looking worried saying "I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore." And now this.

Guessing aside let's quickly breakdown this trailer.

First we see the Tardis exploding. Well, that sees to happen quite a bit in the new Who series. So nothing really new there, it's already been blown to pieces once in the past couple of years. But what everyone of course is talking about is the voice. Is it Davros? Or is it just another Dalek? The internets (including myself) seem to think that the voice sounds like Davros, but still...

The phrase said by the Dalek: “I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity... hatred!”

It sounds like something Davros would say. Also there's this conversation discussing the Time War - what other creature in the Universe could bring those emotions to the Doctor?

Why the focus on his two hearts? Is it just because it looks cool? Are they about to stop? I'm not sure I can handle another regeneration this quickly. 

Side note - The Doctor is on the phone - and that seems to be how he's being electrocuted.