Matt Nable Cast as Ra's Al Ghul in Arrow

After name-dropping him for nearly a season, Arrow's finally ready to introduce Ra's Al Ghul. He's the infamous villain who's been hovering like a dark cloud over the show, the leader of the League of Assassins, and Nyssa Al Ghul's father. If you think she was bad, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Thursday, Arrow star Stephen Amell announced on Twitter that the role had been cast with Australian actor, Matt Nable. He previously starred as Boss Johns opposite Vin Diesel in last year's Riddick. Nable has big shoes to fill considering his character's reputation. He's such a threat that the mention of his name had Malcolm Merlyn shaking in his boots. And that's saying something, because Malcolm's a sociopath!

Ra's will debut in the fourth episode of this season, entitled "The Magician." Is anyone else surprised Arrow got a hold of Ra's before Gotham?

Do you think Nable's a good fit for the role?