Manu Bennett's 'Deathstroke' Set To Return In Season Three Of Arrow

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It's about time! MTV News have confirmed that Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) is set to return to Arrow in episode fourteen next year. When we last saw Deathstroke, Oliver Queen had imprisoned him on Lian Yu (that's the island that the flashbacks took place on in the first two seasons), and he swore that he would escape and get his revenge. Could that be what happens here? Unfortunately, the site don't have any specific details, so for all we know it could just be a flashback or cameo. Fingers crossed Ra's al Ghul breaks him out, setting up a full on return for season four, eh? 

Now that he no longer has the Mirakuru in his system, a battle between Deathstroke and The Arrow would play out a lot differently (as we saw in the season two finale). Regardless, bringing him back for a major arc in season four - or even in the second half of season three - doesn't feel too soon because Bennett was always by far one of the best parts of Arrow.

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