The Walking Dead: Beth's Captor Apparently Spotted


The car, seen in the Facebook post embedded below, doesn't look identical to me besides the fact that it doesn't have a license plate, it's also black, whereas the one seen in the show (above) looks to be a light shade of blue or blue-green. Some fans have speculated that the car will be repainted once it reaches its in-story destination.

Of course, some fans were also sure they saw this car in the penultimate episode of the season, in the garage where Daryl and the marauders were holed up for the night. That turned out to be nothing.

Previous rumors, based on supposed eyewitness accounts but not backed up with photographic evidence, said that Rick, Daryl and Beth will share scenes at a house later in the season, suggesting that whatever happened to her, she is still alive.

The most popular theory is that the car belongs to Father Gabriel Stokes, who rescued the injured Beth but then fled before Daryl returned because he was scared of the swarm of walkers. Other theories have suggested that the abductor had more ill intent and that, in fact, the stocked kitchen in the house where she was taken from was part of an elaborate trap.

The Walking Dead Season Five will debut in October, and the first footage from the new season will likely bow at Comic Con International next month.

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