James Gunn says Guardians 2 will introduce a New team Member

With James Gunn already at work on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the writer/director has hinted that we might see a new member of the team in the sequel.

Gunn recently participated in a Twitter forum moderated by that great font of comic-book lore, E! Online, when the question came up about which new characters might show up in the Guardians' next adventure. which is due out on July 28, 2017. Here's the exchange:

E! OnlineWe don't want anyone to take you out, @jamesgunn, but @afeeqdannoDNA wants to know: "any hint about new characters in #GOTG 2?" #AskGunn

James Gunn.@eonline @afeeqdannoDNA I love so many - can't give it away but there should be at least one more Guardian from the comics.

Who could that be? Keep in mind that the cinematic Guardians are adapted more or less from the 2008 version of the team, not the original 1969 one, so I would guess it's highly unlikely we'll meet human astronaut Vance Astro or the Plutonian being Martinex T'Naga (Yondu Udonta, played by Michael Rooker in the movie, was also on the 1969 team, but has a very different back-story in the movie).I would like to see either Moondragon or Nova (Richard Rider) as are next Gaurdian

Tell us who you would like to see as the next Gaurdian? Tell us in the comments?