James Gunn On The Return Of 'Nebula' In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Image via: Digitalspy.com

Image via: Digitalspy.com

Though Guardians of the Galaxy left her a few microchips shy of an operating cyborg, Nebula is expected to return for the film’s sequel.

Director James Gunn revealed his plans for Thanos' villainous daughter in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, strongly suggesting that her story was far from over.

"I have so many plans for Nebula…I hope to god that we get a chance to see a lot more of Nebula,” Gunn slipped in the interview.

Gunn also expressed his love for the character, saying how much he enjoyed Nebula's design and actress Karen Gillan’s portrayal of her. In fact, Gunn went so far as to compare Nebula to the iconic Star Wars villain Boba Fett, saying

"I love Nebula. I fell in love with the design of Nebula. I cast the role around that design. I fell in love with Karen [Gillan] as a person, and I love the character of Nebula. To me, she’s the Boba Fett of the movie. She’s the one that you really dig because she’s the cool one that we need to get more of."

Should Gillan’s Nebula return, she would come alongside plenty of new characters that Gunn said he has planned for his sequel. While official plot details are virtually nonexistent at this point, many believe the film will involve the plot thread of Star-Lord discovering his real father, Spartax King J’Son.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2—and hopefully Nebula—hits theaters on May 5th, 2017.

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